How a teacher/trainer obtains the accreditation of a certified trainer in the INNOENT EDUCATION​

  1. When teachers/trainers undergo INNOENT training and mentoring, they acquire important skills in today’s rapidly changing world
  2. Practicing INNOENT mentoring would help teachers/trainers to identify the potential of each student, including students who do not excel in subjects. When a teacher realizes the student’s ability, he treats the student positively, cultivates his abilities, and believes in his capacities.
  3. The mentors of INNOENT programs would be closer and more friendly with the students and trainees, which prepare them to participate and even be leaders of the future.
  4. When the staff of the educational/training institution undergoes a training course in entrepreneurship education, the organizational culture of that institution changes, which enable students and employees to realize their dreams and achieve their goals.
  • The teacher/trainer must have at least 3 years educational or training experience.
  • The teacher/trainer must apply for accreditation as a certified mentor in accredited educational/training institution.
  • To fulfil the requirements of “INNOENT Certification Program
  • The trainer must be committed to deliver and train the content of the “INNOENT EDUCATION” program according to the standards and specifications of the program that ensure the specified quality of outcomes.

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