What INNOENT offers

provides an integrated educational and training system that includes platform, activities, educational games and mobile apps (IOS and Android). The educational/training system would encourage students to make their pilot entrepreneurial projects with the aim of enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship competencies. Furthermore, the learning process would be supported by INNOENT portal, lectures, discussions, presentations, videos and exciting exercises. The program combines professional theoretical knowledge of the world of innovation, entrepreneurship and practical experience. This combination trains students and provide them with the tools to succeed as future entrepreneurs.

is an integrated six-stage program available in four languages English, Arabic, Indonesian and Icelandic languages. Also, It provides many educational resources and illustrative tools such as: step by step enabling portal, exciting educational games, trainee online guide, trainers' manuals, games, mind maps, practical case studies, information bank, e-mentoring portal, analysis and problem-solving skills. The participant would take simple steps to fill the assessment and documentation of his pilot.

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