Benefits of a student receiving the INNOENT EDUCATION​

  • The program ensures the transfer of knowledge and the development of the competencies and skills required to be successful in the 21stCentury. Parallelly, a supportive and encouraging environment would be provided with a practical entrepreneurial experience.
  • INNOENT Education seeks to empower students and help them to succeed in life through cultivating Innovation and entrepreneurship skills. INNOENT aims to raise a generation of self-believing entrepreneurs who aspire to make the world a better place.
  • Students will learn all the steps that an entrepreneur practice “from the concept to the successful outcomes”. In this way, the program implant the awareness that each of them has his own style and can succeed.
  • INNOENT program promotes independent and positive thinking, helps students identify opportunities, and encourages students to trust themselves and their abilities. Moreover, learning about innovation and entrepreneurship shows students how important it is to set their goals, take responsibility, be creative and work hard until they succeed.
  • The ability to create a pilot project and to develop operational action plans for it.
  • The ability to understand the characteristics of the successful entrepreneurial start-ups and understand different types of business, and how they prosper.
  • The ability to understand the stages of innovation and how it can be used to produce entrepreneurial solutions.
  • The ability to understand the development of entrepreneurial products.
  • The ability to construct an innovative pilot project, and focus on its critical fragments to increase the efficiency and performance.
  • The ability to build a pilot business plan, and how it can reach the largest market share.
  • Define and explain the entrepreneurial, accounting and financial terms.

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