INNOENT methodology aims to exploit the surrounding elements of the student’ environment. The student would start with step by step training program for a period of 10 -12 weeks. Each week the student would participate in different exciting activities. At the same time the Mentor and the technical consultants from the local community would advise him when ever needed to turn the idea into a productive model. The basic elements of this model are as follow:
Promising Entrepreneurs

student, teacher, supervisor, trainer

Educational environment

family, school, technical or technical institute..

Experienced and role models

Entrepreneurs, Patent holders ..

The program is characterized as a practical and hands on program in which participants are enabled by INNOENT platform (virtual workshop) that helps the participant to implement his pilot project according to the stages of innovation (need – solution – product modelling), and stages of entrepreneurship (Product Development – Project Plan – Portfolio). In addition, there are various interesting and practical training activities and games related to the program.

INNOENT Program has been designed so that the students can self-learn the components and stages of the program. In case, the student has the passion for work, the ability to self-learn and the determination to achieve, then he is expected to achieve excellence in writing his project even if he does not have enough experience in writing the project details, for the reason that the program will take care of these routine requirements. This would help the student to focus on the aspects of excellence for his project. The program also allows coaches, parents and mentors to follow up and track the students progress until they complete their pilot projects


  • NEED
    Product Modelling


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product Development
    Project plan

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